Performance Resume (PDF)


Stats: 6’1” & 160 lbs

Hair and Eyes: Dark Brown

Location: Tampa, Florida

Willing to travel


Title                            Role                      Director/Company

The Last Hope                 Ben Solo                     Seth Wuertz - Guerrilla One

Posthumous                     Jonathan Mills            Seth Wuertz  - The Luma Factory

Babble On                        The Mayor                  Self - Team Dynamite Productions LLC

En Garde                          Christian                     Seth Wuertz - The Luma Factory

Blood Redemption            Saxon                         Seth Wuertz - The Luma Factory


Le Morte de Clowne         Bartholomew Ryan     Seth Wuertz - The Luma Factory


God of Men                      Turkish Warrior           Seth Wuertz - The Luma Factory


2010 - present
Theater (Selected Roles)

Title                                            Role                          Director/Company

History of Combat                              Various                           Kyle Rowling - Art of Combat

Lights Rise on Grace                         Riece                              Karla Hartley - Stageworks Theatre

Anime Human Chess Match              Various                           Nicholas Fazio - Team Dynamite Productions

Hamlet                                                Laertes                           Rick Bronson - Tarpon Springs Performing Arts


Bay Area Renaissance Festival         Jacques the Acrobat       Levi Landry - Acrobellum

2010 - present
Memberships / Credentials / Leadership Roles

Associate of Arts - Hillsborough Community College - Liberal Arts, Theatre Supplement


Actor/Combatant - Art of Combat


Member - Association for Historical Fencing

Club Founder/Lead Instructor - Black Flag HEMA

Director/Choreographer - METRO Fire Show

Director/Fight Coordinator - The Masquerade @ METROCON

Skills & Training


CombatCon 2017 - Thomas Potter, Kyle Rowling, Bob Brooks and more - Las Vegas, NV (2017)


2016/2017 Paddy Crean Workshop - Various - Banff, Alberta, CA (2016/2017)


Fighting for Film Intensive - Kyle Rowling - New York City, NY (2015)


Sydney Stage Combat Intensive - Jared Kirby, Kyle Rowling, John Lennox - Sydney, Australia (2016)


CombatCon 2015 - Luke LaFontaine, Anthony DeLongis, and more - Las Vegas, NV (2015)


Kunst des Fechtens - Michael Ruhala - Tampa, FL (2015-Present)


Classical Fencing - Tampa Bay Fencers (Don Uy and Matt Richardson) - Tampa, FL (2006 - Present)


CombatCon 2012 - Tony Wolff, Jared Kirby, LukeLafontaine - Las Vegas, NV (2012)


Hillsborough Community College - Acting/Directing Studies (2008-2012)


Stage Combat Foundations - Nicholas Fazio, Donald Anderson, Terry Whitaker - Sarasota, FL (2006-2009)


Rapier (Capo Ferro/Giganti) - Davius Saint-Jacques (2013 - present)


Norther Shaolin Kung Fu - Mt Song Academy (Sifu Mario Salazar) - Tampa, FL (2009 - present)


Unarmed Styles Studied: Northern Shaolin kung fu, boxing, bar fights, pugilism, Bartitsu, Aikido;


Weapon Styles Studied: Classical Foil/Epee/Saber, longsword, staff (Chinese and European), spear (Chinese and European), various sword and shield, fully-armored combat (Gothic plate and others), sword and buckler, bullwhip, rope dart, smallsword, Chinese polearms (pu dao, monk spade), jian, dao, chain, steel fans, knife (military and historical), tomahawk;


Firearms: Florida CWP holder (license current); experience on range and in training for pistol (.357 revolver and 9MM handgun), tactical training seminar for handgun and rifle methods in room clearing, dark environments, crowded environments, and more; handgun disarms, rifle and handgun close combat (modern and period firearms);


Fire Spinning: proficient with staff, poi, meteor, fans, and fire breathing; performed and directed/choreographed since 2007; fluent with safety rules and regulations, can provide own equipment;

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